Technical information

Features of Pretech N

Integrated production system and delivery due to high processing technology

Advanced processing technology

We will respond to the needs of processing various metals at a high level by adding new technologies and ideas to our experience which has been cultivated over many years. We have many achievements in precision processing of micron units and processing of complex shapes.

Integrated production system

By consistently responding from industrial machine design to assembly, we cut costs and facilitate quick delivery. We can respond flexibly to individual orders from processing to assembly.

Reliable delivery

We deliver high quality products on time. Each manufacturing process is strictly managed, even “normal things that are taken for granted” to realize a speedy and reliable production system.
We deliver products with high quality, on the delivery date promised. Our delivery date management and quality control system has been cultivated by mass production of in-vehicle parts.

Main business

Integrated support from industrial machine design to assembly

We will make industrial machines that are easier to use and safer, which helps to increase production capacity and save labor.
We can be entrusted with the design, or we can produce based on the customer’s drawings.
So far, Pretech N industrial machines have been used in various factories such as food, printing, medical equipment and aircraft parts facilities.

  • One-stop support from design to procurement and assembly.
  • We have a track record in a wide range of industrial machines.

Precision metal parts processing by various cutting and grinding methods

  • Compatible lathe machining as well as MC machining and lathe machining and simultaneous machining of complex shapes with 5 axes are supported.
  • Compatible with various materials including iron, aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Since various grinding machines (cylindrical, inner surface, flat surface) are installed in-house, it is possible to respond to the accuracy requirements in the μm range in one stop.

Automotive parts manufacturing

At the request of one of Japan's leading instrument and sensor manufacturers, we assembles parts for on-board meters, mainly motorcycles, and speed sensors.
Strict quality control is carried out in the process of parts processing, manufacturing, inspection, and delivery, and we have earned a high level of trust by delivering high-quality products on time for many years.

  • Supports high-quality, on-time delivery for various types of small-volume production that require management capabilities.
  • Equipped with two-component mixed epoxy agent injection and thermosetting facilities, we can meet the needs of molding agent filling.

Taking advantage of the accumulation of procurement power and manufacturing technology in our base city of Nagaoka, we can deliver products from drawings to finished parts - from materials procurement to heat treatment, cutting・turning and surface treatment.
We can respond flexibly to the use of single processes, such as requests for cutting of supplied materials only or grinding of processed products only.