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Privacy policy

About the handling of personal information

Personal Information Protection Policy
In order to thoroughly protect personal information, we will strive to implement the following sections.
Strengthen employee education
Regarding the protection of personal information, we will conduct training for all employees (including part-time workers and contract employees).
Maintenance of internal regulations concerning personal information protection
We prepare internal regulations concerning protection of personal information, show clear policy on the handling of personal information, and strictly punish against leakage of personal information and so on.
Establishment and enhancement of personal information manager
In addition to establishing personal information managers within the company, we will maintain and check the internal environment so that personal information managers can properly carry out activities related to the protection of personal information.
Improvement of customer database access environment
We constantly review the access environment to the customer database and we will implement internal environmental improvement that thoroughly protects personal information.
Improvement of outsourcing
As for outsourcing, when improving to more consideration for the protection of personal information and concluding a business outsourcing contract, we will thoroughly examine eligibility as a partner for outsourcing, and also on the contents of the contract. We will create one that takes care of the protection of personal information.

Notation on personal information protection law

About the Personal Information Protection Law We will not use anything other than for the purpose of carrying out legitimate business at our company and protect customer information.
We will never provide such information to third parties without your consent unless it falls under any of the following.

  1. When disclosure is required by law etc
  2. When providing / disclosing to the extent necessary for its preparation, performance or after-sales service, etc. related to the services provided by the Company
  3. When we obtain your consent
  4. In case it is necessary to prevent serious damage to the life, health, property etc. of customers and the public